Thursday, October 4, 2012

ENK Coterie/Sole Commerce NYC

London Sole was established by British shoe designer Jane Winkworth. Described by
VOGUE as the "Queen of Ballet Flats", Jane’s flat footwear has graced the pages of top
fashion magazines. Members of The Royal Family, trend-setting celebrities such as Kate Moss 
and fashionistas the world over continually wear the signature London Sole look. The company 
made its mark by combining a classic ballet flat with never before seen colors, textiles, and 
materials. Jane’s quirky trims, toe-caps, adornments and detailing make for a highly anticipated 
line that is both unique and inspirational. London Sole Wholesale is happy to help you put 
together the perfect collection to suit your store. From basic to whimsical, your options are endless.

All London Sole products are handcrafted in Europe. Each shoe is made with care by
third generation craftsmen who use only the finest of Italian leathers and skins. We 
ensure that London Sole’s original designs are unmatched in quality and style.

If you would like more information on London Sole Wholesale or are ready to place an order please contact us at:
0013102550937 or email Maggie Katreva at



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